Assemblies of God in Samoa


Our History

The Assemblies of God in Samoa is under the leadership of the General Superintendent, Dr. Tavita Pagaialii. Through the joint initiative of the Elders Committee on the 18th of August, 2023, the Samoan Assemblies of God launched an FM station in Samoa.

This has been a dream and vision of the entire Church for a long time. Finally, the AOG is on air in Samoa for the first time, to God’s glory. As you can understand, this is no small undertaking for the Church, and its timing is critical.

Broadcast outreach

We see this ministry as a vital outreach of the Church in Samoa and among Samoans because of the growing trend of Samoans moving overseas and Samoans no longer going to Church. We also have many rising social problems with youth suicide, drugs, gangs, and family violence in our communities. We can reach every Samoan with the love and hope of Christ.

In addition, our broadcasts now reach all of our Samoan churches overseas, and you are speaking about a combined potential audience base of more than 500,000 Samoans, not including foreigners who will also be listening. Our radio ministry can feed the unreached masses.

Our station now broadcasts locally on FM 106.1 and internationally through the ZENO app. You can listen to our radio station from anywhere worldwide, 24/7, days a week. Just scan the barcode to connect or go to this link

Download PDF here

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