Assemblies of God in Samoa


Our History

Established in 1998, AGISTC has a rich heritage, formerly comprising two Bible schools: Harvest Bible College on Upolu Island and Jerusalem Fou Bible College on Savaii Island. In 2017, these institutions merged to create AGISTC, now situated in the serene surroundings of Tafua on Savaii Island. The school has registered with Samoa Qualification Authority, and Asia Pacific Theological Association.

Academic Programs

AGISTC offers a comprehensive four-year educational program, culminating in a three-year diploma upon successful completion. For those aspiring to deepen their biblical knowledge, an additional year allows students to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies.

Campus Life

Our campus provides a nurturing environment, offering boarding facilities for students who can return to their home churches during the weekends. Our institution is proudly sponsored and funded by the Assemblies of God in Samoa, with students also contributing towards tuition fees.

Distinguished Faculty

Our dedicated faculty members hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, with many serving as full-time pastors while also imparting their wisdom and expertise within our college community.

Academic Calendar

Our academic year begins at the start of each calendar year, organized into trimesters, each lasting five weeks. This format ensures an efficient and engaging learning experience throughout the year.


For those who feel the calling to embark on a journey of spiritual and intellectual growth, the initial step is to contact their home church pastor during the month of January, which marks our annual registration period.

At AGISTC, we are committed to nurturing the minds and spirits of our students, equipping them for a life of purpose and service. Explore our programs and embark on a transformative educational journey with us.

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